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SEO company in Cork or a similar phrase was what you typed in Google search bar to find my website. Am I right? If you're like most of my clients, you probably came here after searching for something along these lines.  By typing those few words, you found someone who knows exactly what your business needs and how to deliver it.


Wouldn't you like people to find your business online the same way? That's what search engine optimization is all about - helping Google understand the relevance of your website so people searching for a business like yours can easily find you online, as well as providing them with an exceptionally good experience once they enter your site. 

How is your website performing on SEO? 


Answers to all your questions about Search engine optimisation service:



How do you help people find your business on Google? You first optimize your website for keyword phrases related to your industry and location. If you happen to be a solicitor in Cork, for example, "solicitors Cork" is the most important search phrase that can send potential customers to your website. Of course, every other lawyer in Cork also knows that - so the competition is fierce. This could be applied to any other business in almost any other industry - including my own. Have a look at the example below:

hire seo consultant search phrase results

 If your listing isn't on Google's first results page for your primary keyword phrase, only a small fraction of the people looking for a business like yours will ever find your website. 


Here's what that means for your business's earnings and reputation:

  • Less potential customers will find your business online, so you'll earn less revenue
  • Since you'll have less capital to reinvest into marketing, your business will grow more slowly
  • Since people will have trouble finding your website, they'll see you as being less progressive than your competitors
  • Your website will become a cost liability that generates more expenses than revenue

do you really need to hire an seo consultant?

Search engine optimization isn't something that you do only once. Maintaining a competitive search engine presence requires regular content updates, outreach to other website owners for link building and adjustments for changes to Google's ranking algorithms. The ongoing work keeps traffic flowing in, keeps your business growing and justifies the cost of continuing to maintain the website.

Do you actually need to hire an SEO consultant, though? Google's own help files are quick to tell webmasters that hiring SEO help is an option but it isn't necessary. In fact, an SEO service doesn't do anything that you couldn't learn and do yourself - it is a skill like any other. Google has even published a detailed guide that can help you get started with optimizing your own website.

Why do so many business owners hire SEO consultants when they could optimize their own websites instead?

  • Search engine optimization is a skill that requires time to learn. You need your website to generate profitable traffic now.
  • You may lack the technical ability to rummage through the complexities of your website's code.
  • You're too busy doing what you do best -- interacting with your customers and operating your business.
  • You lack the budget for hiring a full-time employee to work on positioning your website in Google.


If you lack the time or budget to handle your website's SEO internally, outsourcing your SEO services in Cork is an affordable way to get the job done. Will you really find the expense worthwhile, though? Let's see...


Can you answer "yes" to these questions:

  • Would you like your website to have higher search engine rankings?
  • Do many people search online for businesses like yours? Would your business earn money if those people found your website?
  • Does your website play an integral sales role for your company?
  • Are you willing to play the long game? SEO is a long-term process. Increasing your website's rankings -- and maintaining those rankings -- requires consistent effort, and positive results will not appear overnight.

What is included in the website SEO audit

By now you must have a good understanding of the importance of optimising your website for search engines. It's time to find out where your website currently stands on Google. Click the button below to request a FREE SEO audit for your website.

Here's what you'll receive with your FREE SEO audit:

  • An overview of your website's current rankings
  • Information about how your competitors are currently performing on Google
  • A list of the issues that currently prevent your website from achieving a high search engine ranking
  • A report detailing the number of people who currently search Google for businesses like yours



SEO case studies - read how I helped other local businesses

Still not certain whether our SEO company in Cork is the right one for you? Take a look at these case studies detailing what we've done for just a few of our previous clients.


SEO Case Study 1

DECOSTONES: The client is a local business selling products to customers in Cork. The client also has an e-commerce website capable of selling products to customers throughout Ireland.

The Results: Before receiving SEO services from our agency, the client had 33 search keywords that generated profitable traffic from Google. The client now has 246 profitable keywords -- and the list continues to grow quickly. Since working with us, the client has tripled its online sales.

“I am very happy with the SEO service and its results provided by Dominika from Digital Dots. Thanks to her advice on our website structure and her ongoing SEO work our online sales increased significantly. We have dominated the first 3 positions of Google search results for the most important business keywords. We were able to see positive changes in our rankings within the first month and tripled our online sales within the next 6 months. I highly recommend Dominika to any business owner who wants to grow and make their website work for the business.”
— Thomas Cisowski (owner at Decostones)
testimonial from digital dots seo customer

 SEO Case Study 2

Hair Passion: The business is a local hair salon in the centre of Cork. We have worked with the client since 2014, first providing digital marketing services and eventually advising on SEO for the client's website.

The Results: When we initially began working with the client, the client's website received no profitable traffic from Google. Our digital marketing services produced 13 profitable search keywords for the client. After we completed our SEO consulting services, the client's website attracted profitable traffic from Google for 46 different keywords.


results of seo services for local cork company
Dominika has helped us by first developing a comprehensive online marketing plan, then advising on various digital campaigns and finally by helping in optimising our website for Google search engine. Her advice and expertise brought enormous value to my business and I am more than happy to recommend her Digital Dots agency services to other business owners in Cork.
— Dominika Laureckis (owner at Hair Passion)
seo service testimonial from cork based client

Now, it is time to make your website truly work for your business - click button below to find out how your website is performing on SEO.


who I am - about digital dots business owner

Choosing an SEO agency is a major decision. Many SEO agencies will promise potential clients almost anything -- such as an immediate ranking jump for virtually any keyword -- in an effort to attract business. In fact, you may already have had a negative experience with a shady SEO agency. They promise you the world, and they may even break a few of Google's rules in an effort to improve your rankings. Ultimately, you're the one who suffers when Google penalizes your website or even removes it from the search index.

I do not run one of those SEO agencies. I am a real businessperson.

digital dots is a member of Network Cork organisation
Digital Dots agency is a member of Cork Chamber of Commerce

My name is Dominika Kubisa and you can find me at Phoenix House, Monahan Road (First Floor). I am here to provide legitimate SEO services in Cork, and my goal is to bring value to your business, and as a result keep you as a happy customer for many years. I am also a proud member of Cork Chamber of Commerce and Network Ireland (Cork), and I am well known to local business owners.



digital dots seo company cork owner

My extensive education and experience work for your business:

  • Completed higher education and work experience in Ireland
  • Obtained a Masters Degree in Digital Marketing (Honours)
  • Completed additional courses in website user experience, persuasion, web design, interactive media and business
  • Professional Digital Marketing Specialist since 2011, SEO consultant since 2016
  • Part-time lecturer on topics such as integrated marketing and communications
  • Past clients include: Cork Fertility Centre, The Discovery Partnership, Eyelashes by Alina, Hair Passion, Decostones, Danswers and many more.

My unique educational background has positioned me well to serve the needs of my customers. I understand the complex interplay between fields such as web design, persuasive writing, user behavior and sales. Search engine optimization can bring traffic to a website, for example, but only clear website structure, persuasive writing and strong calls to action can convert that traffic into paying customers.


the effects of choosing the wrong agency

Google has an extensive set of rules governing the ways in which people can promote their websites. Any attempt to manipulate Google's ranking algorithm -- people refer to search engine manipulation as black hat SEO -- can result in a penalty.

For example inbound link (meaning links coming from other websites to yours) can greatly influence a website's ranking. If a website has many links from other websites, Google's algorithm increases its rank because it appears that many other website owners trust that website's content. Some unscrupulous SEO consultants simply pay other website owners to link to their clients' websites.

Although Google strictly forbids paying for links, doing so can briefly improve a website's ranking. The problem, though, is that Google's algorithm becomes a bit smarter every day. Eventually, Google discovers the websites that cheat. Those website may face penalties or removal from Google's index. If you work with a shady SEO company, in other words, you won't just lose your money - your website actually could end up with a lower ranking than it initially had. That's why I believe in transparency. You needn't fear a penalty from Google when you work with me because I'll tell you exactly what I'm doing in my monthly reports.


why I love google's algorithm updates

I have devoted my career to the pursuit of legitimate search engine optimization that adheres fully to Google's webmaster guidelines. Google updates its ranking algorithm hundreds of times each year, and I look forward to the updates because I find that they tend to increase my clients' rankings. The updates push the spammy websites down, and my clients reap the rewards.

Unlike the shady agencies that proliferate the SEO landscape, I am not here to promise an overnight improvement in your website's ranking. However, I can promise that I will optimize your website without ever using black hat techniques or running afoul of Google's guidelines. Great SEO takes time, but it brings sustainable results -- and I will be your business's partner every step of the way.


why should you work with me?

seo company cork example of a search query in google
  • I'll only work with your business if I'm confident that my efforts can produce a return on your investment. If there aren't enough searches within your industry to generate profitable traffic, I will not waste your money or time.
  • I avoid conflicts of interest and do not work with businesses that compete directly against one another.
  • My results and reputation speak for themselves. I consistently achieve positive results for my clients.
  • I understand that no two businesses are exactly alike. I specifically tailor my services to the needs of my clients.
  • I won't bore you with SEO industry jargon. When I deliver reports about my progress, I'll use terms that you understand.
  • Before I begin work, I'll study your website, your industry and your competitors. As I optimize your website, I'll provide detailed reports showing exactly what I'm doing. I am always completely transparent about my SEO efforts because -- unlike some SEO agencies -- I have nothing to hide.


Are you ready to work with me on taking your business to a new (more profitable) level? Click the button below NOW.