7 Practical Tips on Hiring an SEO Expert

How to choose the right SEO expert for your business

Do you need help with search engine optimisation and want to hire SEO consultant to help you? It can be difficult to differentiate and choose from with so many professionals offering this service. To give you some clear direction, here are some practical tips on hiring the right SEO expert in Cork.

1. SEO Portfolio

Look at the SEO's portfolio to see if he's built campaigns for other local businesses that you can verify. Then, see if the SEO has built successful campaigns for a strong number of clients. Ask for case studies and references to look at the results he's created for the clients and to see if past clients were satisfied with his services.

2. Focus on long term SEO strategies 

Choose a SEO that focuses on long term white hat (so following Google SEO guidelines) strategies. Don't fall into the trap of working with SEOs that use shortcuts to achieve high rankings. They're probably using black hat (spammy) strategies that can get your site penalised or delisted from the search engines. Instead, choose SEOs that focus on building campaigns according to the Google's guidelines and takes into account your site visitors, and not only bots indexing your pages.

3. Avoid 'SEO experts' promising overnight results

Avoid SEOs that promise quick results. It's not possible to predict how long it will take to get the top rankings for your keywords. Anybody that promises to get you certain results in 30 to 60 days is just using it as a selling point to land clients. Look for somebody that is realistic about your campaign.

4. Search engine optimisation is NOT all about backlinks

Make sure the expert of your choice understands all three aspects of SEO - onpage, offpage and technical. All three have a huge role in the success of your campaign. Missing even one of the three will most likely hurt your rankings. There are many professional SEOs that only focus on the offpage like it was the only factor important to rank well in Google. Trust me, there is much more to it than getting a high number of links from random sites pointing to your business website...in fact you need to be very careful about your backlinks building. Get it wrong and the links can do more harm then good to your rankings. 

5. Optimising your website as a part of your digital marketing strategy

 Look for someone that understands how SEO fits into the big picture. At the end of the day it's just another channel for traffic and you have to turn that traffic into leads and sales. Some SEOs make the mistake of targeting the wrong keywords or doing a poor job in ensuring the website fits well in the overall marketing plan of a business.

6. Social signals and content marketing

See if the SEO understands content marketing and social media marketing. These marketing strategies go hand in hand with SEO today. Content marketing and social media helps websites build more links and social signals back to their sites for higher rankings. To build a successful SEO plan for your website it's vital that these strategies are utilised to some degree.

7. Transparency and personalised SEO service

Work with a companies that looks out for you as a client. Note if the SEO is professional, on time and communicates with you regularly. You want to work with somebody that works with you on your goals and doesn't leave you in the dark. You need to trust them and be confident that they actually care about you and your business. From my experience providing clients with regular reports (either monthly or quarterly) on work performed and brief summary on progress are necessary for creating the trust between a customer and an SEO professional.


Those tips should help you find a qualified SEO expert. If you need more help with assessing your website current SEO performance click the button below and order your free SEO report & follow up consultation.